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Inaugural Big Idea Session Set to Inspire

On the morning of May 20, 2016, the National Center for Arts & Technology will present the inaugural Big Idea Session. Delivered from the world-class stage at Manchester Bidwell Corporation and recorded for a global audience, leaders from throughout the country will share their own big ideas to improve society’s quality of life through a fast-paced, exciting, and focused presentation. From the arts, to education, to innovative technologies, approximately 15 different influential thought leaders will present new ideas and inspire others into meaningful action.

“The Big Idea Session will be an extraordinary opportunity to hear directly from some of the most intriguing, inspirational and innovative minds of our time. It is sure to be a memorable event,” notes Paulo Nzambi, COO of the National Center for Arts & Technology.

The audience of the Big Idea Session will include diverse individuals from around the world, including leaders of foundations, corporations, nonprofits and Centers for Arts & Technology, MBC staff and students, as well as the general public. While admission to the event will be free, RSVPs will be required for seating purposes. A morning reception and intermission will also allow attendees to share ideas and have impactful conversations, with the common goal of community enrichment.

You can register for the Big Idea Session at