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Establishing the 1968 Founders Circle

As we look ahead to our 50th year, it is important to remember the elements that have come together to get us to this point. Every year 45,000–65,000 new nonprofit organizations are started, according to IRS data. Nearly the same amount go out of business each year. Clearly, 50 years is an achievement.

What does it take to keep an organization sustainable, relevant, and growing? It must stay true to its founder’s vision, even as programs and services change over time. To ensure this happens, you need to have the right leadership on your board and committed staff. To allow all these elements to thrive, you need a strong base of donors—individuals, foundations, and corporate friends—who are committed to the vision and moved by the outcomes.

Our donors have been partners in that success every year—you are a part of history. As we mark our first 50 years, we want to celebrate our individual leadership donors by officially recognizing them as members of our 1968 Founders Circle. As the name implies, these donors give at the $1,968 level or higher annually. They provide the philanthropic leadership that allows MBC and its programming to thrive by remaining operationally strong. As we celebrate half a century of making people whole, we hope you will continue to support our programming and consider joining the 1968 Founders Circle this year. For more information about the 1968 Founders Circle, please contact senior director of development Karen Linscott at 412-323-4000 ext. 264 or at

With your support, we will continue to provide pathways out of poverty for individuals in need into the next 50 years.