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Thank You to Our Individual Donors

Donations from individuals

Donations from individuals

Over the last three years, MBC has seen a 145 percent increase in the amount donated by individuals like you.

Since 2014, 28 percent more individual donations were made in support of the work we do at MBC.

These generous contributions provide the crucial day-to-day operating support we need to keep our programs running, our facility maintained, and our dedicated staff in place. We’re proud to have welcomed more members to our MBC family and hope you will continue to support our work, as well as introduce us to people who share your commitment to providing pathways out of poverty. If you’d like to introduce someone to MBC, please bring them by for a tour or to one of our many events. You—and our successful students—are our best ambassadors. To schedule a tour call 412-323- 4000 ext. 261.