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National Center for Arts and Technology

To ensure that a Center for Arts & Technology is successful and sustainable in a community, we designed a thorough and systematic protocol that follows the mission of ‘Developing Communities Through Hope, Inspiration, and Innovation.’


NCAT exchanges information with representatives of the interested community to determine if implementing the model will benefit their area. A working group should be established.

Phase 1: Feasibility

NCAT’s team determines whether the interested community has the essential attributes for a successful, sustainable Center for Arts & Technology.

Phase 2: Planning

NCAT’s team guides community leaders through a detailed start-up process culminating in the opening of a new Center for Arts & Technology.

Phase 3: Implementation

NCAT’s team provides support in areas of administration, operations, compliance, students and accreditation support to the newly built Center’s Board of Directors, Executive Director, staff, faculty and students.

Phase 4: Maintenance

NCAT’s team provides continued technical support and guidance to ensure quality programming.

To learn more about the process of creating an affiliated center in your community, please call 412-323-4000 Ext. 292.

National Center for Arts & Technology